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Fischer Vacuum Fit

Exclusively - the first ski boot that fits 100%! Fischer VACUUM FIT offers high-end technology and unprecedented quality for a complete anatomical fitting of boot and foot.


The Vacuum-Fit-Process

Our experts will heat the boot up to 80°C in a special Vacuum-Fit-Oven. Afterwards you will get in the boot and special cooling and compression pads will be applied. Now the footing will be established and the fitting process begins. Applying compressed air the boot will assume the anatomy of the foot and sustain the shape. This process is unique and gives a comfortable fit in only 25 minutes - for a perfectly fitted boot.


Warm Up

Heat up the shell to 80 degrees Celsius in the oven


Insert foot into preheated shell.
Put on Cooling Pad and Compression Pad.
Adjust the stand position on the VACUUM FULL FIT Station.


Adjust the entire boot to the anatomy of the foot using compressed air.
Use the Cooling Pad to cool it down.